Sacred Places

Many today think that “places” cannot be sacred, and that somehow “take of your sandals, for you are on holy ground” went away with the Old Law. But Jesus Himself so often not only rose early and went to be alone to pray, but went away to a mountain, or to a hill, or some place of significance.

God is certainly present everywhere, but we humans, bombarded by the everyday and the “normal” need to go to special places to be more aware of Him. Just as our spirit does not “move” when we kneel but the position of our bodies truly affects our souls, so our going away to a mountain to be alone with God is a very real “change of place” for our souls as well.

God is present everywhere, but I doubt many who knew Jesus as God when He walked the earth would turn their gaze away from Him and say “but you are over there as well.” If God became Incarnate, the physical world and special places within it take on more importance, not less, when rightly understood.

“Jesus meets us where we are” but doesn’t wish us to stay there. We should praise Him, as the song goes, “on that holy mountain.”

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