Short response to pro-abortion disruptors

I feel compelled to say something about this, but only very little, due to the sad nature of the event:

First, people think that rhymes make an argument. Sad in itself. None were willing to “defend” their position but merely to chant and scream it.

Half the people who “crashed the party” probably thought they were showing up to a “blood for oil” or “save the whales” rally ten minutes before they received their scripts. Usually, you may find one person in such a mob that can actually answer a few questions or rebuttals with any coherency, if that. People have a need to be a part of something, and sadly, these are the results.

Freedom of speech is certainly so people can stand and be heard…but shouldn’t they actually have something to say?

When you have nothing intelligent to say, just scream your absurdities louder. That’s the motto of the modern day “progressive”

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