Technology and the demise of the thinking person

I think we have decided that we know “so much” when we rather know “about so many things.” In fact, it’s not even that we know about so many things as individuals, but as a whole.  By this, I mean that, with all the inventions and technology out there, we have decided that we, as a human race, are at the top of the world.

We have achieved the true purpose of knowledge, which is of course power, Francis Bacon, is it not? It seems, then, that we don’t think deeply on things, and we often are fine that “someone knows” what I need to know, so why think deeply.  I’ll be shallow, and I’ll “Wikipedia” something if I need to know.  Or I’ll take my broken stuff to a specialist who can fix it.

I wonder if there is a link these days between not being able to do at least our own minor car repairs and carpentry and our complete lack of desire to think for ourselves.

In his book, The Science Before Science, Anthony Rizzi reminds us just how much we think we know, and how little we actually know. We won’t accept much on faith any more, at least if we realize we are accepting it on faith.  But in truth, we accept so much (including so much non-sense) on faith, and claim it as knowledge.

If something is said to be a recent scientific hypothesis (global warming, perhaps) it is suddenly a FACT we have certain knowledge of, regardless of how little training we have and research hours we have logged in biology, chemistry and physics. Yet if every ancient record shows that a man named Jesus was crucified by the Romans about 2000 years ago, and that afterwards many witnesses died to proclaim His teachings, many will deny that this man ever even walked the earth, nevertheless rose from the dead.  And why is this?  The word faith has been associated with Him.  We are not even speaking of His resurrection, but simply His existence.

How about belief in God, simply a god, an uncaused cause?  Nope, but “God is dead,” replaced with our new state of enlightenment.  We now “know” there is no first uncaused cause, but we at the same time “know” that there is a current crisis of global warming, and it’s all because of pollution, and after all, everything has a cause.

Except “Everything.” There is no cause for that.  I, rather, will be that rebel that says it is more rational to claim to know that “Everything” has a cause before I claim to “know” the specific causes of each of those things based on blind faith.


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