Let’s be controversial

From Lifenews.com:

Pro-abortion businessman Patrick Murphy has announced he will challenge Rep. West, no matter where the district lines are drawn. Right on his campaign website, Murphy expresses support for abortion:

“I fully support a woman’s right to choose and believe that efforts to curtail this right amount to an unacceptable intrusion by the government into the private lives of its citizens.   This right has been under continual assault by the courts and Republican legislatures for decades, and we should not be passive in its defense.”


Why don’t these same democrats protect my “right” to rape women? After all, what business does the govt. have getting into what I do with my own body? Obviously, the fact that another human body is involved should NOT be a factor…if it was, abortion wouldn’t be defended as a “right to do with one’s own body” what they choose. It’s simply a matter of no principles, no intelligent thoughts, etc; par for the course among liberals if you ask me.

Now, let’s say they rebut that the grown woman that is included in my “plans” is “obviously” a human person.  Well, the same group says that some elderly, some that are in a coma, and other grown persons are no longer persons.  After all, this is their justification for assisted suicide, etc, a la Terri Shiavo. Are “people” such as this human persons? If yes, why is it “no issue” to put them to death?  If not, why wouldn’t we be allowed to do whatever we want with them?

They don’t answer these kinds of questions, for the most part, because they never even think of them.  The problem is not what their principles are so much as that they simply have but one: whatever I feel like makes me materialistically better off. It is the end all and be all of the liberal mentality. (Did I say mentality? I am not even sure if that word is appropriate)


I said it.  Deal with it.


Matt Menking


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