What is Dominican Spirituality?

These are the chief sources from which the laity of Saint Dominic draw strength to advance in their own vocation, which is a contemplative one most closely joined to an apostolic one at the same time:

  1. Listening to the Word of God and reading the Sacred Scripture, especially the New Testament;
  2. Daily participation (to the extent possible) in the celebration of the liturgy and participation in the Eucharistic sacrifice;
  3. Frequent celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation;
  4. Celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours with the entire Dominican Family, as well as prayer in private, such as meditation and the Marian Rosary.
  5. Conversion of heart according to the spirit and practice of evangelical penance;
  6. Assiduous study of revealed truth and constant reflection on contemporary problems, under the light of faith.
  7. Devotion to the Virgin Mary, according to the tradition of the Order, to our father Saint Dominic and to Saint Catherine of Siena;
  8. Periodic spiritual retreats.

In light of the above, I ask my friends and family to gently (or harshly) remind me if I am not living up to all on this list, which I have temporarily, with the intention of one day permanently, professed to do.



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