Why I can’t support “Intelligent Design”

Why I can’t support “Intelligent Design,” at least in the form typically defended by its adherents.

Well, needless to say, I am a Thomist.  St. Thomas shows that we look upon creation as a change, whereas in reality it is not a change, saying:

“Change means that the same something should be different now from what it was previously.” (Summa Theologica)

But this is impossible in the case of creation, because the subject that is to undergo the change is not as yet in existence. The following two short videos say this quite well, and show why a true understanding of creation ex nihilo (from nothing) is not compatible with the popular Intelligent Design theories:

Thomas Aquinas vs. The Intelligent Designers (1/2)

Thomas Aquinas vs. The Intelligent Designers (2/2)

If one pays careful attention, one will see the nominalism (in the form of occasionalism) that is prevalent in the error of the Intelligent Design apologists.  Obviously, I am, again, no fan of William of Ockham and the errors he introduced into our modern thought.  These errors have not only influenced the Darwinists (those of atheistic tendencies) but also the defenders of creation that want to reject Darwin.

A wonderful book that includes insight into this in a late chapter from a philosophical and scientific view is The Savior of Science, Chapter 6.


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