I saw it said recently that “What bugs me more than anything is the Patriot Act! I would rather die free and not have the big government watch over my every move than be safe and lose my freedom.”

But this depends what you mean by freedom. To have eyes is to be constrained by the things you see around you. To have ears is to not be free of sound.

Jesus said that He was the Truth and the Truth would set you free, but many people see the Christian faith as a bunch of rules LIMITING freedom. Two different versions of freedom. So in this case, I am just saying, without giving my complete position on the Patriot Act (for this would be to become lost in the details), that “freedom from terrorism” is certainly a type of freedom. Freedom to sin is a different “freedom” than one enjoyed by he or she who “lives in Christ.”

Depending on how we define freedom, we all give up one kind for another.  Just something to ponder.


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