In Fides et Ratio, Pope John Paul II clearly states:

“The Church has no philosophy of her own nor does she canonize any one particular philosophy in preference to others.” (49) And also that “no historical form of philosophy can legitimately claim to embrace the totality of truth, nor to be the complete explanation of the human being, of the world and of the human being’s relationship with God.”(51)

However, it is also clearly affirmed that “Saint Thomas is an authentic model for all who seek the truth. In his thinking, the demands of reason and the power of faith found the most elevated synthesis ever attained by human thought, for he could defend the radical newness introduced by Revelation without ever demeaning the venture proper to reason.” (78)

Therefore, I strongly recommend a deep study of what is known as the 24 Thomistic Theses.  This is not Thomas’ own writings, but is approved as the core of his philosophical thought.  As Aristotle said in the “Politics,” “The mistake lies in the beginning — as the proverb says — ‘Well begun is half done’; so an error at the beginning, though quite small, bears the same …” and as Thomas tells us in the first line of his De ente et essentia (link is below) “A small mistake in the beginning is a big one in the end, according to the Philosopher (Thomas’ title for Aristotle) in the first book of On the Heavens and the Earth.”

But the words of an even wiser Man would certainly apply; “Whoever hears these words and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”


For more of Thomas early foundations of his thought on the synthesis of reality, see the following.  They are not easy reads, but they are worth reading 50 times instead of reading 50 books that would not tell you as much:

The Principles of Nature

Essence and Existence




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