The Incarnation and Pantheism

Is there an instance of pantheism in the Incarnation? Is not Jesus both human (created) and divine?

Pantheism is the view that the Universe (Nature) and God are identical. The word derives from the Ancient Greek: πᾶν (pan) meaning “all” and θεός (theos) meaning “God.”

Christ’s human nature, however, is not in any way confused with His divine nature. There is no “confusion,” in other words, of the divine and the human nature in Christ. He is not part man as somehow a result of the fact that He is God.

No, man is a creature, God is creator, and the Second Person of the Trinity has (not is) a human nature. He is only a divine Person, from eternity. He is not a human person.

God remains unchanged. It is the human nature that is in union with Him. This union is certainly a mystery, but God remains God.

Just as in creating, there is no more “being” than before creation, but there are more “beings,” there is nothing added to God in the Incarnation. There is only something added to man.


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